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A holy relic or a pair of new boots?

21 September 2012

On Monday, we had a ‘Discover Medieval Chester’ project meeting at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London. One of the items on our agenda was discussion about the computer game which will form part of the museum exhibition and the final digital resource. It turns out that designing a game based on medieval Chester isn’t quite as easy as it sounds – in fact, it’s a bit of an ideological minefield…


Chester events – recent and forthcoming…

18 July 2009

Sue Hughes at the Grosvenor Museum has just sent us the following report on the recent ‘Minstrels’ Court’ event – it sounds like great fun. If living history and interactive events capture your imagination, then please do come and join us at the forthcoming ‘Mapping Medieval Chester Festival’ (Saturday 29th August). For further information see the earlier blog post or contact the Grosvenor Museum.

Minstrel’s Court Event

A successful Minstrels’ Court helped celebrate medieval Chester and publicise the Mapping Medieval Chester Festival on 29 August 2009.  ‘Medieval’ Musicians were presented with their licences to play by Reverend Chesters and are now safe from being arrested as vagabonds for another year.

Medieval Musician Richard York (more…)