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Other people’s books: Bradshaw in the British Library

1 June 2009

I’ve just spent a couple of days in the British Library, making some final checks between my edition of the Henry Bradshaw Life of St Werburge and the British Library’s copy of the 1521 Richard Pynson publication (shelfmark C.21.c.40). If you have access to Early English Books Online you can view the digital facsimile of the British Library copy there – though inevitably the images don’t show all the detail, especially not all the marginal annotations. In fact, it’s those marginal notes I’ve been thinking about, as I’ve made my final pass through the Pynson text. One of the privileges of working with an early book is that feeling of following in the footsteps of earlier generations of readers (though please be reassured that I didn’t add my own set of marginal doodles). And as my research paper for this project is on the memory of the Anglo-Saxon past in late-medieval and early modern Chester, I’m particularly interested in what these annotations and comments can tell us about the way Pynson’s text was read by an early modern (late sixteenth-century) audience. (more…)